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What & Why of Canonical URLs?

Let’s discuss what & why of canonical URLs.

Canonical URLs helps webmasters to avoid content duplication issues which usually occurred when a same web page is accessible via different URLs.

Let’s take following URLs example


All of these URLs are referring to same home page. For search bots like & these are four copies same content. They will index all four URLs as different webpages with same content.

These will causes following SEO issues.

  • Content duplication
  • Page rank sharing
  • Low site ranking
  • Low site content rating


Add following canonical link for your preferred URLs which you want to be indexed.
Let’s assume:

<link rel="canonical" href="">

Add this in header of webpage. That’s all you need to do.
That’s all. Search bot is smart enough to know. It needs to consider URL which is provided in canonical link. Rest will not be indexed.

Please note that these changes should be page specific as homepage canonical link should only be applied to this page.

In-case of any issues etc. please use comments section below or contact page.

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