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Verify Google Analytics tracking code anywhere in seconds

Google analytics debugger

You can verify easily that your Verify Google Analytics tracking code anywhere in seconds and check if its is setup correctly or not. There is no need to wait for 24hrs to see if code is applied correctly or not.

For this you can use a simple chrome extension Google analytics debugger. Below is a complete tutorial about how to use and verify Google Analytics Code anywhere.

1) Download and Install

This is a free chrome extension which can be downloaded from below mentioned chrome store link.

After installation it will create an icon in task bar like this (google-analytics-debugger-btn).

2) How to Use

– Open Console from developer tool (or press F12 and switch to console)

Chrome Developers Tools Console
Chrome Developers Tools Console

– If Debugger was already ON (google-analytics-debugger-btn) it will show output like below otherwise, click on it and it will refresh the page and output like below will be shown to console.

Google Analytics Debugger
Google Analytics Debugger

Congratulations! That’s it you are done with verification.

Note: In case there is no google analytics code it will show an empty console.