Linkedin Recommendations

All of these are LinkedIn Recommendations can be found on my LinkendIn Profile.

Recommender: Badr Zaman (Team Leader at Datafocal Innovations)

“Aamir is one of the most talented web-application frontend engineers I’ve worked with. Very high quality work, deep understanding of web technologies, excellent attention to detail, and an outstanding intuition about what makes great software. It was a pleasure working with him.”

Recommender: Naveed Ahmed (Development Manager)

“Working with Aamir Shahzad I found him as a person with great recognition and deep proficiency of solutions. A very productive person. Aamir is a forward thinking, independent, honest and insightful perfectionist with huge knowledge. Experienced designer. With in-depth understanding of modern IT technologies.”

Recommender: Ali Raza (Q.A. Engineer)

“I found him passionate in his work. He has very good development skills and problem solving skills. He is very cooperative person.He is very loyal with his work.He is very dedicated resource.”

Recommender: Ahmed Awais Kiani (Business Manager)

“A hardworking and skillful individual, who always tends to enhance his productivity to accomplish assigned goals and task in time. It was a good experience of working with Aamir Shahzad and I wish him very best for his all upcoming challenges.”

Recommender: Farhan Abbas (Software Engineer)

“Aamir Shahzad is committed to the highest quality of work. He has served as a mentor to me and other members of his team. In many of his projects he has taken on the roles as both developer and designer and he is one of the few that can do both with great results. He truly takes pride in his craft. I highly recommend him. Best ov Luck Dear:)”

Recommender: Mubashar Raza (Software Engineer)

“Aamir Shahzad is a talented web designer and great to work with. Not only is he an amazing web designer, but he has ingenious web skills with an eye for detail. Aamir is very innovative and always looking for new solutions and fresh ideas that can advance his knowledge to exceed his client’s expectations and goals. Aamir a fun person to work with, and is always helpful and insightful. He is a passionate designer and always seems to have great awareness of new creative strategies and technology, which makes him a great asset to any company.”