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Internet explorer compatibility bugs

Web designers and front end developers call IE, an issue explorer. Each time you open your website which is working fine in other browsers you will find something broken in Internet explorer. It can be border-radius, opacity or float misbehaving issue. Or it can be from the list of unsupported HTML5/CSS3 features by IE.

Catering IE bugs is easy if you are able to find solution from someone else having same issue while searching different developer forums like stackoverflow. IE bugs are usually common but sometimes tricky to fix. You can read on most common IE bugs and their fixes here.

Internet Explorer compatibility bugs are due to lack of support to new features and slow browser updates by vendor i.e. Microsoft. Microsoft consider it part of the Windows operating system. So each update comes with upgraded operating system which is usually not more than once in an year. Its very slow in fast grow web technology.

This is one of the main reason why IE is lagging behind in browsers race. There were times when IE was the sole king browser over the Internet. From 2002 to 2007 IE was claiming more than 50% traffic, reaching up to 83.4%. But now a days users only download it only to download other browsers like Chrome and Firefox. Chrome is the fastest and widely used current era browser. Here is the complete browsers stats for each year most popular browser.

Another challenge for investigating IE bugs is poor developers tool with no add-on support like Firefox and Chrome extensions. IE developers tool are not friendly, but rigid and with too few options specially IE9 and below. Playing with HTML/CSS/JS in developers tools is very difficult. Microsoft realized this thing and updated developer tools in the latest version IE10-IE-11. These are much developer friendly.

Below are some good online resources for tracing IE bugs and their fix;

1) Google
2) Stackoverflow
Over 50,000 question with tag, Internet Explorer on stack overflow.
3) Microsoft Support forums
3) Code Project

If you are facing any IE issue or fore see any improvements in the article you can ask me in comments below.

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