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Hello World! History in Programming

Why Hello World?

A new program is like a newly born baby. So most of the programmers choose Hello World! to print the text on the screen, console etc. to test every thing is working fine and configured properly.

Who introduced Hello World?

hello world imageWhile checking best online resource for history and information i.e. wikipedia. We can flash back to history to know how these words hello world were introduced into programming world.

Kernighan’s in 1972 tutorial name Introduction to the Language was the first known occurrence of these words in computer literature. Following is the program written in Io:

main( ) {
  extrn a, b, c;
  putchar(a); putchar(b); putchar(c); putchar('!*n');
a 'hell';
b 'o, w';
c 'orld';

How to Print Hello World! in different programming languages

In Io:

"Hello World!" println

In Java:

public class HelloWorld {
    public static void main(String [] args) {
        System.out.println("Hello World!");

In JavaScript:

alert("Hello World!");


<?php echo "Hello World!"; ?>

In Ruby:

puts "Hello World!"

In C:

printf ("Hello");

In C++


In C#

console.writeLine("Hello World!"); 
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